Grooming Service:       Effective 1 April 2018, we are no longer offering the 4th groom free

   Bathing the dog not only helps keep the coat and skin clean and healthy, but also helps to make your pet a pleasure to live with.

                                  By Appointment Only                           (740) 892-3790       (740) 398-5159

                                                                                Professional Pet Groomer - Certified


          Small Dog ( up to 25 lbs)  $30.00                Medium Dog (up to 60 lbs) $40.00                 Large Dog (over 60 lbs)  $50.00

   Grooming includes:           Brushing and combing                     Hair Trimmed / Shaped / Styling

                                        Nails clipped or Dremmel                  Bathing                    Conditioning                                                       

                                            Ears Cleaned                                   Drying                       Bandana and Cologne

                    Medicated Shampoos extra: (for itching and skin problems) $6.00

                    Flea treatments extra: (dips and shampoos to kill fleas/ticks) $7.00

                    Hot oil treatments extra: (to moisture dry skin) $10.00

                    Deskunk treatment extra: $10.00

                    Teeth brushing extra: $10.00


                                          Note:  Groomer has the right to say NO - Unable to groom for dog's temperament or a "biter". 

                               I would recommend that they should be groomed by a veterinarian who is qualified to administer a sedative.