Grooming Service:

   Bathing the dog not only helps keep the coat and skin clean and healthy, but also helps to make your pet a pleasure to live with.

                                  By Appointment Only                           (740) 892-3790       (740) 398-5159   

                                 Sunday - Monday   (Closed)                 Tuesday - Friday  (9:00 am - 3:00 pm)        

  Professional Pet Groomer - Certified


          Small Dog ( up to 25 lbs)  $30.00                Medium Dog (up to 60 lbs) $40.00                 Large Dog (over 60 lbs)  $50.00

   Grooming includes:           Brushing and combing                     Hair Trimmed / Shaped / Styling

                                        Nails clipped or Dremmel                  Bathing                    Conditioning                                                       

                                            Ears Cleaned                                   Drying                       Bandana and Cologne

                    Medicated Shampoos extra: (for itching and skin problems) $6.00

                    Flea treatments extra: (dips and shampoos to kill fleas/ticks) $7.00

                    Hot oil treatments extra: (to moisture dry skin) $10.00

                    Deskunk treatment extra: $10.00

                    Teeth brushing extra: $10.00


                                          Note:  Groomer has the right to say NO - Unable to groom for dog's temperament or a "biter". 

                               I would recommend that they should be groomed by a veterinarian who is qualified to administer a sedative.


                                                                          *      4th Groom free     *